• Edtech World Tour

    Learning from Best Practices Around the World in Education Innovation

    Beyond the Hype : Mapping Edtech Clusters and Creating Open-Source Resources for a Refined Understanding of the Global Ecosystem


    What are the key components of an ecosystem that an edtech startup needs to thrive?

    Sharing Edtech Best Practices and Success Stories in Order to Scale Innovation

    We want to make sense of the hyped “Edtech” acronym and bring stakeholders who have a different understanding of Edtech together by raising awareness of the different challenges of a fundamental sector. We wish to amplify the voice of a large community of education innovators and share their philosophy, ideas, findings, innovations, achievements with a broader audience.

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    Discover the Edtech Europe Tour starting May 8th 2017

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    Edtech 2016: Global perspectives, Local insights

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  • What are we up to?

    A research project through ten countries to learn about edtech adoption trends around the globe.

    The #EdtechWorldTour is an initiative promoting global perspectives on edtech fuelled by local insights, bringing together major sectorial stakeholders beyond functional and geographical boundaries, learning from best practices in education innovation, mapping edtech clusters and creating open-source resources for a refined understanding of the global ecosystem.

  • Where have we been?



    Until Oct 14th 2015





    Oct 15th - Nov 1st


    Nov 2nd - Nov 5th 2015



    Nov 6th - Dec 2nd 2015

    New Zealand


    Dec 7th - 13th 2015



    Dec 14th - Jan 6th 2016



    Jan 6th - 26th 2016

    South Korea


    Jan 26th - Feb 22nd 2016

    South Africa


    Feb 23rd - Mar 7th 2016


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    May 8th - July 7th 2017

  • The Team

    It All Starts with A Franco-German Enthusiastic Pair in Jouy-en-Josas

    We ascribe to the entrepreneurial spirit and support innovative pursuits : our goal is to continuously refine our frame of reference to comprehensively understand markets and customer needs, aid the innovation and growth of amazing products. We are passionate about collaboration that includes private, public and nonprofit partners and the relationship between civic innovation and economic development and admire programs and projects that focus on the edtech nexus at all types of stakeholders (higher education institutions, edtech startups, corporations, nonprofit organizations and public sector agencies)

    Svenia is an entrepreneur and explorer in the Education Innovation field. After publishing the Edtech 2016 report, in which she and Audrey emphasized the importance of dedicated organizations to foster education innovation in a given city and country, she is now founding LearnSpace, France's first Learning Innovation Cluster, where she wants to accelerate changemaking projects and people. Svenia studied both political science at the Freie Universität Berlin and management at HEC Paris.

    Audrey is a final year Masters student in Innovation and Design Management at HEC Paris & Ecole Polytechnique. She is passionate about cultural biases in our education systems, the intersection of public policy and entrepreneurship, practical ethics and is a literature buff at heart. She recently joined Liberté Living Lab, a business incubator located in Paris, bringing together change drivers with varying profiles (from start-ups, social entrepreneurs, to digital artists and large corporations) to pool their expertise and knowledge to establish conditions that inspire community innovation open to society as a whole.

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  • Areas of study

    We will address, among others, the issues of...

    Emerging countries

    What type of business models might work considering that users are hesitant to pay money upfront for services?


    How can we deal with the growing fixation with data, modeling and measurement that students are subject to, often without their knowledge or their consent ?


    Non-profit VS venture-funded startup companies : sustainability models and venture-scale markets


    The idea of free online university education has hit the mainstream - what's next ?


    How do purchasing systems work for education technology products and services and how can companies outside of the region gain entry?


    What are the government spending trends and which technologies are gaining traction in schools?

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